ZTE NGN and O&M (Corporate Only)


This program provides an in-depth understanding of ZTE NGN Core Network architecture, interfaces, User and
control planes, signaling protocols, routing principles and functional modules of various Network Elements. A
detailed study of hardware and software platform on ZTE Softswitch, MGW, IAD, ZTE NMS etc. along with routing
and data configuration is carried out in this program. Signaling in NGN Core Network, Integration of nodes, ZTE
NMS introduction, performance measurements are salient features of this workshop.

Participants attending this program should have basic understanding of PSTN/ISDN Network elements in Fixed Network technologies. He or She should have experience in implementation or O&M in any domain like Fault, Configuration and Performance management in Core network elements of any OEM product(s).

  • ZTE NGN Solution
  • SoftSwitch Technical Principle
  • H.248 Protocol Theory & Application
  • Introduction to Integrated Access Device
  • Components of SIGTRAN Protocol
  • Introduction of Signaling System 7 ( SS7) / CCS(Common Channel Signaling)
  • Basic Concept of MSG900 System
  • Basics of ZTE NMS Platform
  • Basic of Routing
  • Systems Administration, Maintenance
  • NMS Administration
  • Installation and Operation of EMS
  • Basic Operation and Maintenance Procedures
  • Describe the structure of ZTE NGN solutions
  • Describe MSG900, ZTE NMS & Routing
  • Administer and Maintain NGN elements
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