ZTE R4 CS Core Network and O&M (Corporate Only)

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Participants attending ZTE R4 CS Core Network and O&M program should have basic understanding of Core Network elements in Mobile technologies. He or She should possess relevant Implementation or O&M experience in any domain like Fault, Configuration and Performance management in Core network elements of any OEM.

  • Introduction to Rel.4 with MSS & MGW Architecture
  • MSS – MGW Interfaces and Protocols
  • Control Plane & User Plane Protocols and its configurations
  • GSM Signaling in the core network – MTP3 and M3UA routing, ISUP, SCCP routing by GT or SSN
  • Common Channel Signaling, Sigtran basic presentation
  • ZTE MSCS Architecture
  • ZTE MGW Architecture
  • Basics of ZTE NMS Platform
  • Basic of Routing
  • Systems Administration, Maintenance
  • NMS Administration
  • Integration MSS to MSS (Nc Interface), MGW to MGW (Nb Interface), MGW to MSS (Mc
  • Interface)
  • Basic Operation and Maintenance Procedures
  • Describe the structure of ZTE Core Network Elements
  • Describe ZTE MSCS, MGW, MSS Operations and Maintenance Procedures
  • Administer and Maintain ZTE core elements.
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2 reviews for ZTE R4 CS Core Network and O&M (Corporate Only)

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  2. Chipo Mashora

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