Advanced Level Certification in Packet Core Networks


  • Understand detailed Network Architecture and Interfaces of packet switching networks including MPBN
  • Apply concepts of signalling protocols – SIP, Diameter, TCP / IP, X.25, Frame relay etc. in network resiliency / redundancy.
  • Explain data connectivity/tunnel flow and upper layer messages
  • Perform Design and Dimensioning of Packet core network
  • Understand Wi-Fi offload concept
  • Monitor network performance reports, KPIs of Packet core network
  • Perform network level optimization
  • Predict the requirement of network up-gradation
  • Manage bandwidth administration
  • Understand Authentication and security concepts.
  • Understand the process and roaming concepts including attach, detach, authentication, security etc
  • Understand internet routing schemes, netting, CDN etc. .
  • Manage multi-vendor, multi-technology inter-operable Packet core networks including rel 11 & rel12 advancements
  • Optimize Packet core network solution through reduction of signaling (ISR) techniques
  • Plan various data services and offers and revenue charging models for OTT applications.
  • Carry out intra/inter Packet core network troubleshooting including LTE/EPC
  • Analyze Packet core network reports .
  • Perform parameter level optimization for Web applications
  • Deep understanding of network layer functions such as Routing, forwarding, priority & scheduling including congestion control, segmentation & reassembly
  • Perform network virtualization and software defined network .

The certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employer

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Q 1. Which SIP message is used to establish a media session between user agents?

B.   BYE

Q 2. What is name of SIP addressing schema to call another person via SIP?


Q 3. What is the interface between PCRF and PDN?
A.   Gi
B.   Rx
C.   Tx
D.   Sgi

Q 4. What is the is the point of interconnect between the EPC and the external IP networks?
B.   PDN
C.   HSS
D.   SGW

Q 5.In telecommunications which protocol is used for resolution of network layer addresses into link layer addresses?
A.   IGP
B.   ARP
C.   RLC
D.   DNS

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  • Passing score = 60%
  • On successfully passing the quiz, the CERTIFICATE link will get enabled and you can download your certificate


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