Get CCNA Certification & Work with Big Names of the Networking Industry in 2014

Today internetworking has become an essential aspect for every organization irrespective of its count of employees and niche. Since more and more industries today all over the globe are adopting network based connectivity and are transitioning themselves to more process oriented enterprises, the demand for IT professionals who possess the skills to meet the newer developments in networking technology is increasing  significantly. To enter into the word of networking and to understand the basic internetworking concepts CCNA is the apt choice. Our CCNA Training Gurgaon courses are specifically designed to address the requisites for highly skilled IT professionals. Our classes help the networking aspirants to obtain the thorough knowledge and critical elements for certification as we guide them through each and every step of testing process. Our CCNA Training Gurgaon provides the students with proficient instructor led classroom training designed for familiarizing them with all the CCNA concepts and topics as per the lab blueprints. The CCNA course structure takes the students through the building blocks of networking like cables, topologies, networking devices and addressing concepts. After they develop basic understanding of these concepts, they are trained with configuration of routers and switches, routing protocols and switching concepts. Security of networks is also an imperative segment of CCNA training.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an entry level networking course with which a networking aspirant enters into the Cisco certifications. CCNA is the foundation course and certification for several higher level Cisco certifications.  With CCNA, a candidate can achieve basic familiarity and expertise on basic networking concepts like OSI, TCP/IP, IP Addressing, Cisco’s IOS, routing and switching protocols, LAN & WAN technologies and management, LAN & WAN troubleshooting. A CCNA certified candidate possesses the skills and ability for selecting, connecting, configuring and troubleshooting the Cisco based & similar networking devices. Our CCNA Training Gurgaon is an ideal networking training that will make you expert of the networking fundamentals and we will slowly & gradually guide you into the deeper details of the same.

Cisco certification courses like CCNA help the candidates efficiently by enhancing their chances for networking based professional opportunities. Cognitel’s CCNA Training offers an ideal platform for a networking aspirant to start learning the networking fundamentals and exploring much advanced features of networking in future.

The need for networking professionals is growing exponentially today and CCNA certified engineers not only get associated with some big names of the networking industry but also get several opportunities of great exposure at a very early stage of their career. Our CCNA training at Gurgaon helps you to get trained with the most updated curriculum and networking hardware. Our institution complied specifically with the industry standards and provides the most comprehensive training on up to the minute networking technology.

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