Huawei Training and Certification Preparation Program

Huawei is a leading global ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions provider. It is a renowned name in telecom and networking industry. Huawei has now introduced few Huawei training and certifications which help the learners to explore the networking technology and develop the expertise on data communications.  In the emerging trend of AII-IP convergence environment, many customers are extensively implementing IP technologies in both enterprise and carrier networks. By hastily applying IP network technologies they seek to shorten their project delivery periods, enhance their ROI (Return on Investment), reduce operational risks and OPEX. These customers identify IP technical competence as an imperative factor while recruiting their employees for the same. They also consider it important for their improvement of their technical personnel’s, competence as it is quite critical for effectual delivery. Thus in response to these changes requisites, Huawei decided to introduce certifications known as Huawei trainings and certifications which provide the learners extensive and comprehensive knowledge about the technologies being implemented in enterprise and carrier networks. These certifications also give a clear system for employers with which they can access the IO expertise of their employees.

The three certifications introduced by Huawei include:

  • Huawei Certified Datacom Associate

  • Huawei Certified Datacom Professional

  • Huawei Certified Datacom Expert

Huawei Training CourseToday a number of organizations which are quite experienced and renowned in networking based training are covering Huawei training and certification preparation. These courses have several advantages for learners as well as ICT organizations.

  • Accelerated Performance – Huawei training accelerates the performance of network professionals by equipping them with most demanded skills and knowledge in an networking organization.

  • Competitive Advantage – Huawei training gives amazing competitive advantage by preparing the professionals who can reduce business downtime, enhance company’s credibility qand ensure that business objectives are not only being met but are exceeded.

  • Huawei training provides a professional with industry recognized credentials that enable astonishing career advancement for them in highly competitive technical market place and prepares them for the challenges that they may have to face at their workplace.

Our Huawei training course portfolio has been specifically constructed for covering the wide ranging aspects of telecom engineers training.  We understand that technologies change at a very fast pace and to maintain a career in this cutting edge competition you need to prepare yourself with up to the minute technologies. This is one of the reason that we have come up with Huawei training which ensures that whether you are a fresher or an experienced networking or telecom professional, you can achieve success in your career. We provide you with the set of most demanded skills and equip you with extensive & profound telecom knowledge that can help you to cross every hurdle in your career easily.

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