Introduction to Storage Technology

The Introduction to Storage Technology course is designed for IT professionals who are willing to or involved in application data maintenance and management. After completion of this course, you will be able to identify each component, technologies implemented in your application server setup. This will help managers to think about alternates in case of low performing, insufficient storage space, and difficulty in expansion or business continuity.

The introduction to storage technology course prepares professionals for Beginner Level – Industry Storage Associate Certifications. The Storage Technology course is an instructor led online course, an unique way of delivering live classes, where student need not be physically present in a classroom for attending the session. The student can relax from his home/office and attend live classes.

Storage Technology


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the Instructor Led Online Introduction to Storage Technology Training, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify each component, technologies implemented in application server setup
  • Optimize the storage space
  • Search for alternates in case of low performing, insufficient storage space and difficulty in expansion
  • Appear beginner level – Industry Storage Associate Certifications (like Huawei, EMC, HP, etc.)
Eligibility Requirements

Who can participate – Operators, Maintenance Staff, Managers


  • Familiar with Server and Network terminology
  • Conceptual or working knowledge on
  1. Server client technology
  2. Server Operating Systems
  3. Basic Server hardware components
  • Basic Knowledge on:
  1. TCP/IP Networking and devices
  2. Network performance factors
  3. Network services
Course Outline
  • Application of storage in Server client technology
  • Type of Data storage media
  • category of storage devices in terms of connectivity
  • Components and structure of Storage array
  • Type of Hard disk and their characteristics
  • RAID levels, advantage and disadvantage, deployment scenarios
  • Partitions, Volumes and LUN
  • FC-SAN and IP-SAN fundamentals and application
  • NAS fundamentals and typical application
  • Storage array management software and CLI
  • Storage array Management and configuration
  • Storage array maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Virtualization of Storage array
  • Data Protections technologies
  • Disaster recovery concept
  • Backup and restore methods
  • Backup devices and characteristics
  • Object storage and big Data
  • Cloud computing fundamentals

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