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About the Course

Welcome to our comprehensive course on OSS, which delves into the intricate world of Operation Support Systems. OSS, initially recognized as Telecommunication Network Management tools, has evolved into sophisticated solutions that empower organizations to efficiently manage their communications networks. These systems play a pivotal role in coordinating customers, services, resources, processes, and activities, assisting operators in designing, building, operating, and maintaining robust communication infrastructures.

Originally focused on network-facing or network-operations-facing functions, OSS has expanded its horizons to encompass a wide array of capabilities. These include fault and performance management (assurance), customer activations (fulfillment), asset/inventory/configuration management, network security, and much more.

Eligibility Criteria:

This course caters to a diverse audience, including technical managers, consultants, communications professionals, software engineers, system engineers, network professionals with OSS and BSS expertise, PHD researchers, and B.E. /B. Tech/M. Tech aspirants

Course Outline:
  1. Introduction to OSS:
    • Historical Overview
    • Evolution into Sophisticated Solutions
  2. Architecture and Framework:
    • Understanding the Structural Components
    • Frameworks for Efficient OSS Implementation
  3. Functional Characteristics of OSS:
    • Exploring the Key Functions
    • Role in Network Operations
  4. Applications and Typical Implementations:
    • Real-world Applications
    • Case Studies of Successful Implementations
  5. Impact of New and Advanced Services:
    • Adapting OSS to Emerging Technologies
    • Addressing Challenges of Advanced Services
  6. Software Technology Trends:
    • Current Trends in OSS Software
    • Technological Advancements Shaping the Future
  7. Major Drivers for Next Generation OSS:
    • Understanding the Industry Drivers
    • Anticipating Future Needs
  8. OSS/BSS Interconnection and Integration:
    • Integration with Business Support Systems
    • Ensuring Seamless Operations
  9. OSS Processes:
    • In-depth Analysis of Operational Processes
    • Best Practices in OSS Workflow
  10. Creating and Managing Next Generation Services and Networks:
    • Strategies for Service Evolution
    • Network Management in the Next Generation Landscape
  11. Process Modeling Approach:
    • Implementing Effective Process Models
    • Case Studies on Successful Modeling
  12. OSS Vendors:
    • Overview of Leading Vendors
    • Evaluating and Selecting OSS Solutions

Embark on this educational journey to gain insights into the intricate world of OSS. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring student, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of modern communication networks. Join us and unlock the potential of Operation Support Systems for your career and organizational success.