PMP® vs PRINCE2®: A Descriptive Comparison


Two of the most prestigious certifications in the project management domain that are equal in value, but differing in frameworks.

Both have their own importance, but as hailing from the same domain, are often considered to be major competitors of each other. Whether to choose both or one, and if one, which one shall be better is the most prevailing confusions among professionals in this arena.

We have thus designed this particular blog to help the project management professionals get a clear  idea of the basic similarities and differences between PMP and PRINCE2, and to enable them make an informed decision about the credential that is best suited for them.

So let’s dive in to the deep details about these two certifications and explore various sectors of variance one by one:

Starting from the Basics:

PMP stands for Project Management Professional Certification administered by the internationally renowned Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. Largely popular in the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, PMP is indicative of a person’s proficiency in the project management best practices and principles as outlined by the PMI’s standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), the most recent version is PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition.

PRINCE2 or Projects IN Controlled Environments on the other hand offers a project management methodology comprising of a set of processes and steps that shall be followed right from the project start till finish. PRINCE2 qualification is administered by AXELOS and is more popular in the UK, Europe, and Australia.

The Differing Approaches

While PMP follows a “How to Do” approach for project management, PRINCE2 offers more of a “What to do” method for managing projects. This means that unlike PRINCE2 which details the processes, steps and techniques that should be strictly trailed upon for driving projects to success, PMP defines the best practices and approaches that one should adopt and follow throughout a project life-cycle.

Also, PMP focuses on the role of a project manager, however, PRINCE2 defines the roles of each and every stakeholder involved.

Variance in Eligibility

Every certification comes with its own eligibility requirements. For some credentials these requirements are complex and hard to meet while for the others they are close to insignificant. Same is the case with PRINCE2 and PMP.

When it comes to PRINCE2, prerequisites comprise of the following:

– PRINCE2 Foundation: Formal training in PRINCE2

– PRINCE2 Practitioner: Once you clear your PRINCE2 Foundation Level Exam/Certification, with formal training in PRINCE2, you can go ahead for the Practitioner level.

Eligibility for the PMP Certification is multifaceted, but if you do meet the requirements, PMP is certainly worth a credential!  The pre-requisites for PMP are as mentioned below:

– Candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree/Equivalent University Degree, need to have:

  • Three (3) years/36 months of unique (non-overlapping) Project Management Experience within past eight-year period prior to the application
  • Min. 4500 hours experience in leading/directing projects
  • 35 contact hours of Project Management Education

– Candidates with a High School Diploma/ Equivalent Secondary School Credential, need to have:

  • Five (5) years/60 months of unique (non-overlapping) Project Management Experience within the past eight-year period prior to the application.
  • Min. 7500 hours experience in leading/directing projects
  • 35 contact hours of Project Management Education

Complementary or Contrasting?

Professionals often tend to misconstrue PMP and PRINCE2 as the two competing credentials. This is however not right! The two certifications follow two different line of actions and cover the aspects of project management in such a way that instead of conflicting, they utterly complement each other. Thus if having one is good for your career, having both is certainly better!

So which is the “Right” one?

Now comes the concluding part – Which is the “Just Right” Certification for your profile – PMP or PRINCE2? Well, the answer actually depends on certain factors such as your industry, geographic location, type of the project you are involved in, the organization you are working for/aiming at, and most importantly the eligibility requirements for the credential.

Thus, if you are planning to add the splendid “PMP” or/and “PRINCE2” designation with your name, it is necessary that you work out on the aforementioned factors and take a wise decision accordingly.

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