Ericsson professional level courses, now available at your fingertips. Customised to cater to the busy schedule of professionals. A glimpse of the courses : Ericsson

Node B – RBS 6000

This program provides deep understanding of Network architecture and interfaces of WCDMA Technology. It covers the hardware system structure and functional modules of Huawei DBS3900 Node B.

3G RNC 3810/3820

The course covers the hardware architecture of RNC 3810/3820 and its node variants. It explains the cabinet and subrack layouts with different configurations.

Mini link TN 

This course covers the MINI-LINK system configuration, Indoor Units, Outdoor Units and various Plug-in Units.

3G and 4G Training

This is a high level course for professionals who are already working on Ericsson 2G and 3G equipments and looking for enhancing their career and knowledge in Ericsson 3G and 4G.

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