Radio Access Network (RAN) refers to the technology which mainly deals with communication in the air. It connects End user devices such as your Mobile Phone, Laptop or any other network enabled device to the Core Network or the other way it connects us to the internet. For Example LTE RAN, which provides us increased Data rates up to 100 Mbps in the air. When we talk about high data rates, we mainly refers to any technology that can deliver higher data rates in the Air as on the other hand wired network do not have any limitation of data rates with the help of Fiber and latest transmission technologies.

RAN can be categorized into GRAN (GSM RAN), GERAN (GSM EDGE RAN), UTRAN (Universal terrestrial Radio Access Network) and E-UTRAN (Evolved Radio Access Network). Last one Refers to the LTE Radio Access network. All of the above network provides different data rates using different transmission technologies. We may connect to more than one RAN’s at the same time if your mobile device provides you dual Radio support.

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